Translator is a program that converts sentences into visuals. This program applies to a random sentence which is broken down letter by letter to form the elements of the visual.

La brise

Series of posters made for La brise, concept store in Marseille. Collaboration with the Avant-Post studio. Printed in risography.

Journée Nationales de l’Architecture 2023

Graphic design of a booklet for the National Architecture Days 2023. The booklet presents 18 buildings grouped around three themes: plan, line and point.

Théâtre des Chartreux

Logotype and signage elements for the Théatre des Chartreux in Marseille.

Escale à Bangkok

Graphic design and illustration of a limited edition gin published by La Compagnie du Mieux Boire. This gin is the first of a collection based on travel.